Freshair September Mixtape: The Dark Passenger

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Dear Music Diary,

When I set out in January to make a mix every month in 2012, I didn’t realize what I was getting myself into. WAY more work than I ever thought and a lot of bumpy roads to cross. That being said, I am keeping my word to you music diary and doing this. Thank you for being there for me always.

Creatively we often, if not always, work off inspiration. Those of you who choose to create, whether passion project or as career, know that this kind of thing just doesn’t happen as often as we would like. So, when we FEEL it, we have to DO it. This mix was inspired from the place within me that I have really gotten to know of late, a place that I have often quieted down in the past. However, understanding is not created by light alone, we must tap into our darkness or we may never truly know ourselves. To understand light, we must know dark. I invite you to check out some music that not only reminded me of this but is helping pull me out of the fog. Come meet The Dark Passenger. He’s your buddy, don’t be scared.

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Photo Credit: Dawn Alexander
Album Cover Artwork: Nik Atkins

Download the mix for free by clicking Download on the soundcloud set above. And make sure to visit freshair on soundcloud here.

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