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We recently connected with east coast duo Weekends over their latest release Acoustic Tape Vol 1. The pleasantly haunting songs had been on repeat the past week when they wrote us announcing a new album to be named New Humans. The album was recorded by Jeremy Scott who also recorded the Vivian Girls, These Are Powers, Frankie Rose and Total Slacker.  They are running a Kickstarter campaign to help produce New Humans. It’s payday so if you’ve got some money to help fund their project they are offering some pretty amazing packages including Vinyl, Tapes, Handprinted Shirts, and more.  No donation is too small and you can receive some very special things for as little as $1.

“We are finishing up our third album and we are very excited to release it; but, to do so  – we need YOUR help to fund it! Funding is needed to help with the production, completion, and promotion of our next record so that you can all enjoy the album the way we intended. There are so many great rewards to thank you guys for helping us on this journey. We hope you decide to help, every dollar counts.” – Weekends

Check out Weekends’ New Humans Kickstarter here.

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We pressed Weekends’ band member Adam Lempel about Acoustic Tape Vol. 1 living outside of the traditional sense of acoustic. “Acoustic Tape isn’t really too acoustic, it was more of just a working title we had while making the project, and just kind of an overall ethos, though we weren’t strict about keeping it acoustic at all. There’s plenty of overdriven Casio keyboards and drum machines and delay pedals and whatever else, but I guess it was just more of an overall vibe about calling it “Acoustic Tape”.”  Whatever you want to call it, we love it. We’re beyond excited for the mature and advanced sound to come in Weekends’ New Humans and hope that you’ll join them on their Kickstarter journey.

Check out  my favorite tracks from Acoustic Tape Vol. 1

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