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We’re proud to introduce you to Kith & Kell (aka Kellen Malloy) and his brand new EP titled Wilderness King.  We’re floored at how great this four track neo-folk musical offering is.  Through his various projects we’ve always been firm believers in our good friend Kellen and we were fortunate to recently feature him as a Witness This Genius. He’s a humble and gentle soul, whos comfortable silence I first mistook for shyness.  But more than anything, Kellen is a great listener, who is profoundly aware of his surroundings and is able to mold his grand experiences into musical greatness.  Through his music Kellen has a lot to say and he’s recorded it in his Oceanside, Ca bedroom for you to lend a listen.

From Kellen: “[Kith & Kell is a] folk project that I funnel my guitar and vocal energy into.  Banjos and banjitars, mandolins, ukuleles, glockenspiels, fiddles, tambourines, pianos, organic percussion, floor toms, minimal electro foot stomps, lots of ‘oooo’s…. and buttery synth.”

Kith & Kell is a beautiful matrimony of classical folk with new electro synth which is best showcased in the contrast of the folky guitar layered over arcade game like sounds on the track Wonder & Doubt.  The first song, Wilderness King, with its strong synth intro makes strong affirmations that this will be a unique sound. The strumming banjo, inviting percussion claps and soothing vocal chorus of ooooh’s draw you deeper into this folk forest to meet the Wilderness King.  Inside you will find quite the range.  Blue Bird Alaska is an energetic, flowing song that takes you along an Alaskan wildlife sing-along. The final song, Cali Stitch, gives a great peaceful closure to the EP.

At the end of Wilderness King we’ve been taken on a great journey and laid down to rest, having lived a complete life in a brief nineteen minutes.  I wanted to hold off and give this release the full-on interview it deserves, but I couldn’t let you embark on your Thanksgiving road trip without this album.  Kith & Kell’s Wilderness EP is the perfect soundtrack for any homecoming.

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Download Wilderness King now for free.  Tell your friends about it, tell the world.  Give Kellen a high five, buy him a beer, offer him up a place to stay when he rolls out of the wilderness and into your town.  You won’t regret it.

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Artwork for Wilderness King by Brandon Lomax.

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