Ronin Motorcycle by Dean Bradshaw

With us as your witness and you as ours.

WITNESS THIS curates with love from the creative fields left and right of the mainstream.

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In the tradition of
a cool-hunting blog, the WITNESS THIS webzine showcases artists & creative work from around the world.

We keep our eyes peeled to bring you our favorites from contemporary arts and design, photography, music, motion picture, style and fashion, travel and leisure, and creative genius.

Founded in 2010 in Los Angeles, California, WITNESS THIS moved its headquarters to Berlin, Germany, in 2014 allowing for a lively cultural exchange between the two offices and countries.

At the very core of WITNESS THIS lives a friendly and open-minded spirit that embraces diversity as well as a global connection with people who share these values.

The WITNESS THIS webzine has been a non-profit venture so far. Everything you see on the blog was produced in our free time. In 2019, we have decided to reduce editorial capacity to a minimum and focus on other challenges for a while. We may be back! In the meantime, you might find delight in browsing our timeless archives.

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Meet the team

Owner / Managing Editor

Philipp hails from Berlin, Germany. His passion are people – to connect and to inspire is what puts a smile on his face. He served in global ad agencies and media houses before becoming a WITNESS. Since childhood he feels drawn towards the creative realm.



Saskia completed 10 years work experience as focus puller und cam operator before she graduated in photography at Berlin’s Neue Schule für Fotografie. She is our Berlin-based camera WITNESS.

Nicole Albrecht Technopussy

WITNESS / Staff Writer

Her international background has led Nik to Berlin, where she is currently finishing her second masters degree. She has worked for diverse companies in the Marketing and PR field. As a fresh WITNESS, she loves to exchange energies with creative and intellectual minds alike. Modelling and electronic music are two of her passions, leading to her online alias ‘technopussy’.