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It seems like such a low-blow to talk about Weekends on a Monday.  But do not fear this work week, because Baltimore, Maryland’s experimental indie duo Weekends have just released their Acoustic Tape Vol. 1. The release is 17 reworked songs carefully recorded to 4-track tape by Adam Lempel (drums/guitar/vocal) and Brendan Sullival (drums/guitar/vocal) over the course of the past four years.  This project was quite the undertaking and we commend them highly not just in these beautiful songs but also in completing the task of documenting and re-interpreting their past work.  The artwork by Brendan gives a little insight into the band but leaves it about the music through a nod to John Baldessari.  I can feel the seasons changing now and weekdays will be Weekends.

Stream Acoustic Tape Vol. 1 below from Friends Records.

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