White Life

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White Life is the Baltimore, Maryland based band of Jonathan Ehrens and sister Emily Ehrens along with Andrew Bernstein (Dan Deacon ensemble), Dave Fell, Grayson Brown, and production collaboration and back-up vocals from Jenn Wasner (Wye Oak).  Their self-titled LP was released in May and is full of 80’s electro synth retro pop.  The first track, Time is Wasting, wastes no time inviting the listener to the smooth, catchy party that is White Life – makes you check your worries at the door, hands you a cold adult beverage and introduces you to a hot dance partner to make memories with.  You’ll find comfort in these tracks through their pleasing vocals, bright arrangements and blissful predictability.  I Want Love is perhaps the best example on this album of the 80’s retro-ness.
White Life – Time Is Wasting by Ehse Records

You can download the White Life album here for a pay what you want price.

White Life is doing an East Coast tour in August, which will be the first official tour they have done since this album came out.

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