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We’ve continued working with Baltimore-based Weekends to share their take on experimental post-rock with our audience.  They have a lot of momentum stemming from their recent Acoustic Tape Vol. 1 offering and with your help will be releasing their third album, New Humans, in January of 2013.  Seriously, they have a week left in their Kickstarter campaign to raise a good chunk of money in order to be able to press this record.  As fellow backers of this fundraiser we want to see this project through.

They just released the video to A Defining Love and want to share it with you.


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These dudes should probably just set out to create a four piece by adding these two women. Pass go. Collect $200. A real indie rock Cinderella story.  But what do I know?

Here is the backstory from Adam Lempel of Weekends:

“The A Defining Love video was filmed by Tyler W. Davis who also filmed the Copycat Project video we were in a few months back. It features two of our friends, Miranda Pfeiffer and Lydia Gammill, rocking out as Weekends, instead of us. It was an idea for a video that I had to kind of create this alternate band “Weekends” that consists of two girls playing this grungy music. There’s a lot of footage of flowers and glitter and things that reminded me of something delicate and feminine contrasted with the dirtiness of the distortion and location and the visceral rocking out.”

Alternate acoustic version of A Defining Love.

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