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For our podcast series ON A QUEST FOR LEGENDS we are still scouting and interviewing our favorite underground DJ talents. Some of these interviews are done over the phone, a rare few are done in person but most are done through email.

Often we don’t even see any photos of the person being featured before the feature gets put together. The result is a collaborative effort – varied perspectives all working together to portray a complex, talented, multi-faceted individual in a way that’s genuine and true to who they are.

My email convo with ZeitlupenUwe, aka ‘Martin’ is an honest, open and humorous interaction made only more entertaining due to our slight language barrier. Each question resulting in many more – each answer only shedding light on Martin’s personality.

I learned that Martin has 16 years on the decks, he’s Berlin born and bred, and creator of Berlin’s “Open air to go”. His sets are notoriously mellow, he pulls from 70’s soul and funk – the guy plays what he wants. Martin is most afraid of smoke-free clubs, loves Cola, joints & his girlfriend.

Enjoy his mix he put together exclusively ON A QUEST FOR LEGENDS – our podcast collabo with the boys at KENTAUR Podcast Sagas. And read on below for the bespoke interview.

Tune into Episode 4 of ON A QUEST FOR LEGENDS – mixed by ZeitlupenUwe.

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WT: For us ‘English’ speakers, where does the name ‘ZeitlupenUwe’ come from? What does it mean?

ZeitlupenUwe: The correct translation is SlowmotionUwe, years ago I worked with a very slow guy and so we called him “ZeitlupenUwe”. It was the perfect name for my slow-motion project because it described the style so well.

WT: When you say ‘slow-motion project’ – are you talking about your DJ project?

ZeitlupenUwe: Yes, ZeitlupenUwe is not my first DJ name…at the beginning I called it a ‘project’…

WT: Did you have one particular moment when you realized you wanted to be a professional DJ?

ZeitlupenUwe: Maybe in the future.


“Play what you like, know every second of your tracks, and loops are dirty little helpers.”

WT: I hear you’re involved in “Open Air to Go” – what is that?

ZeitlupenUwe: An Open Air for everyone who can use a radio… after many parties that caused trouble with Police and the law – this is our way to work around these problems.
‘Open Air to Go’ basically involves throwing parties in public spaces – where people bring their own radios (totally legal) and tune in to the DJ’s playing on site.

WT: Are you ever afraid before you start a live set? If so, what’s your biggest fear when you’re on stage?

ZeitlupenUwe: Every time, I’m very nervous. But my only fear is technical problems, and I’m afraid of non-smoking clubs. Normally, I don’t drink, so smoking is important and gives creativity… 😉

WT: Is there something you wish someone would’ve told you when you were just starting out?

ZeitlupenUwe: Play what you like, know every second of your tracks, loops are dirty little helpers like sync.

WT: What’s something you’d like to do or achieve and haven’t yet?

ZeitlupenUwe: Play the perfect set.

WT: As an audience member, what’s the best show you’ve ever been to?

ZeitlupenUwe: Fusion Festival – Spirit of love, peace & harmony…

WT: Describe your studio and/or practice space…

ZeitlupenUwe: Sitting in row 2 @ Sqim’s Studio

I don’t know who Sqim is and I can’t imagine what sitting in row 2 at Sqim’s Studio would look like. Yet despite the most cryptic description of a studio I’ve ever read, I want to know more.

Checkout a glimpse of the “Open Air 2 Go” concept in the video below –


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TRACKLIST On A Quest For Legends Episode 4 mixed by ZeitlupenUwe:
Teho – Union
Sailor & I – Sweat (DJ Tennis & Margot Remix)
Terranova – Labrador
Gabriel Anada & Maceo Plex – Solitary Daze
KiNK – Cloud Generator
Smash TV – Slayer
Reconidite – Levo
Agoria – Alluvion
Pachanga Boys – Time

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