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▶ Falscher Hase - Rückblick (Dezember 2012) by FalscherHase
A friend once told me that his grandfather’s favorite day of the week was Monday. He saw it as an opportunity to start the week out right and he truly believed the way in which he entered the office on Monday morning would set the tone for the rest of the week and that attitude was directly related to the way in which he lived the rest of his life. A true ‘seize the day’ character, he’d get up an hour earlier on Monday, put on his best suit and charge it.

After spending much of the weekend in front of my computer, it seemed only appropriate to share at least one of the incredible sets I came across while scouring the inter-webs. I like to force myself to stay on task for the duration of a set and thanks to these one-hour brilliant musical journeys, I’m able to sit down and get shit done when all of my friends are out frolicking in the sunshine.

May I present Falscher Hase – Rückblick (Dezember 2012). It’s a slow build but give it time and this set develops into a soft-spoken euphoric musical treat. Happy Monday. May this one help you set the momentum for yet another kick-ass week.

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