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There is no denying that Chris Laufman and his project Wise Blood are unlike anything else out there.  This master of musical layering has carved out a sound in the past two years that stands out from the rest.  High energy percussion and R&B inspired electro pop with a production style more akin to the current crop of underground rap producers round out his signature style. It’s odd and obscure but everything just works, a true extension of the artist himself.  Laufman has a strong affinity for pop culture and his ever-changing websites are amongst the oddest things I’ve seen on the net.

His first full-length album, id, is due out June 25th on Dovecote Records.  Based upon the first three singles Universe is Blessed, Rat, and Alarm it’s apparent that Wise Blood has expanded his sound and grown upon what we love so much. The wind instruments in these songs are a very welcome addition that not many would be able to incorporate so well. Laufman somewhat disappeared after his These Wings release.  Let’s hope he sticks around this time for some touring and due credit.


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