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I asked a handful of friends a very simple question yesterday – “First thing that pops into your head – what do you think is super underrated?” The answers were interesting, weird, nonsensical and generally awesome. I giggled, I judged, and I gained new insight into the complex mind’s of many whom I thought I knew so well. What i quickly realized is this was just a way better way of asking them what they are thankful for. I learned that by tweaking a basic question and asking it in a different way, the responses were way more entertaining and even unexpected.

Answers below, in no particular order…

missing the lunch rush.
clean drinking water and fresh air.
in-suite laundry.
smiles from strangers.
jean jacket vests.
a perfectly ripened nectarine.
sand castles.
exercising at lunch time. (followed by an, “I was just thinking about how lame and old that sounds”)
Riesling. (apparently it’s the most versatile grape and it pairs with everything – despite the misconception that’s it’s always sweet)
sleeping in.
clean socks.
baby wipes for adults.
the feeling of cleaning your ears with Q-tips.
being barefoot.
almond butter and weed. weed should be legal highly praised. (word for word)
pregnancy jeans – don’t know why all jeans aren’t made with a belly band.
dance routines with friends.
deep friend cauliflower.
open marriage.
track suits.
pickles and cheese.

My personal favorite answer? “No doubt, spiderwebs.”

Really? I was intrigued. What part of spiderwebs does he love so much? Is it how they look? How they’re made?

“Oh god no”, he responded. “The songSpiderwebs‘ by No Doubt. And socks.” Right, I thought to myself. Of course.

So now I must ask you – What do you think is super underrated? Don’t think too hard, first thing that pops into your head.

My own answer to that question? Spirit fingers.

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Compilation – Nissa Rhodes
Image & Design – Luke Van Van Voorhis & Dersu Rhodes

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