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FMLYBND are a six piece electronic indie band that are a prime example of the every changing notion of family in these modern times. They hail from Isla Vista, California a densely populated youth haven perched above the bluffs of the Pacific Ocean just north of Santa Barbara. It’s literally a neverland of couch fires, stolen bikes, Floatopia, casual sex, Gaucho Ball and the best Halloween parties on the west coast. Void of adults (seeing anyone over 30 is an oddity in itself) and always with something to do, it’s a college kid paradise.  I lived there for four years and consider it some of the best years of my life, living like a king in squander.  I now consider myself fortunate for making it out alive and wouldn’t even consider doing some of the things we used to get away with there.



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It’s great to know that a quality sound like FMLYBND has come out of such a special place that many hold close to their hearts. Isla Vista’s only other musical claim in recent years may just lie with bands like Iration which has little resonance with me as I lack an affinity for reggae music. FMLYBND’s sound is rooted in electronic catchiness, the right musical combination of seriousness and aloofness. The songs Electricity and Far Away are high energy standouts that pull you in and keep you engaged through clever builds. Note the guitar solo in the last 30 seconds of Electricity, they finish strong and put everything into it.  This band showcases a wide adaptability and range with the individuals of the band all shining through at different times.  If you like bands that use both male and female vocals this one is for you.

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