Social Experiment – A 'Witness This' Mixtape

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Have you ever found yourself standing in line at the bank, enjoying watching people going about their day around you? You’re able to stand patiently, watch the world pass you by, content and calm. You may wait 2 minutes or maybe it’s 15. You’re fine. And then there are the days you shift from side to side, you can’t stop checking your phone, you find yourself using that tone of voice with the teller that you’re not proud of, and even if you hear yourself and you hate what’s coming out, you can’t seem to quiet the angry little demon sitting on your shoulder.

There are two ways to do everything. You can let the guy cut in front of you in his neon green Ford mustang and just smile, and wonder where he’s heading in such a hurry. You can open the door and wait for a ridiculously slow moving stranger. Take notice. Learn from those around you. Standing in line is a social experiment.

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Compilation – Nissa Rhodes
Image & Design – Luke Van Van Voorhis & Dersu Rhodes

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