Gentleken - 'Mixed Feelings'

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by Ken Wallraven.

A quote from the movie Memento gave inspiration to this mix:

Just because there are things I can’t remember, doesn’t mean my actions are meaningless. The world doesn’t just disappear when you close your eyes.

Well, the world doesn’t disappear, but it may become clearer. It’s about those special moments. When you listen to a track – and maybe even dance to it. And you don’t just lose yourself to it, you see some sort of clarity – like an emotion that you had within you but you were not aware of it before you heard that one track at exactly that moment. (And I am not talking about any substances involved here…)

So the music, the next track just goes on like the world, yet almost in a slow motion. Making you realize that you are here – just to be happy in the here n’ now.

So obviously, the muggy heat finally let it all melt together – a crème brulée of horizontal space slow disco – which goes down well with a dry & light daiquiri, whilst having one, two feet in the water on a sunday afternoon.

Listen to this mellow summer mix below and check out more exquisitely selected music from Gentleken here.

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