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Lunar PlanePhotography by Saskia Uppenkamp & words by Greg Bevis

Lunar Plane are an identical twin deep house duo from Istanbul by way of New York.

Their sound palette is remarkably consistent: big bass lines, lots of stereo delayed percussion, and minimal use of vocal hooks or samples; a combo that leaves them relying heavily on groove and synths.

I was struck with how quickly these two start and finish a track. In 2 or 3 hours they’ve completed a mix or a new track – and as someone who spends weeks on a snare sound – this seemed insanely fast to me.

But it’s this cursive style and fluid workflow that makes Lunar Plane’s mixes work so well. They effortlessly blend originals and found tracks into mixes that aren’t labored or over-thought, that just keep moving.

Tune into their great new mix, and check out our email conversation below.

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WT: To both of you, What are your brother’s strongest skills? What does he bring to the table?

Emre: Mert is the talkative one. Networking, building strong relationships with people who would support us in the industry. He is also better at djing.

Mert: Emre is the music production mastermind. He lets us transform our ideas into actual beats and melodies.

WT: What’s your musical background? Piano lessons? Rock bands?

Lunar Plane: We’ve been DJing since the age of 16 at private parties, and we’ve been playing the piano for a year. Other than that we have been listening excessively.


WT: How do you start a new track or mix? What’s the first step?

Lunar Plane: We usually start with the kick and the bassline, because for us building the bass of the track is quite vital to get the track going.

WT: How much time do you typically spend working on a set from start to finish?

Lunar Plane: Usually around two or three hours.

WT: Your tracks have a lot of really great synth sounds. What are your favourite synths? Do you use software synths, analog synths, or a combo of both?

Lunar Plane: Thank you, that’s great to hear! We usually try to combine both of them. Our favorite software synth is Diva, which perfectly emulates the analog synths. Our favorite hardware synth is Nord Lead 4.

WT: Thanks guys, and all the best for your future!

TRACKLIST On A Quest For Legends Ep. 6 mixed by Lunar Plane:
Of Norway – It’s You (Just Emma Remix)
Hundreds – Please Rewind (The/Das Remix)
Agoria, Scalde – For One Hour (Villanova Remix)
HVOB – Azrael (Original Mix)
Francys – Arcenciel (Original Mix)
Machino – Lineares Rectas (BAAL Remix)
Lunar Plane – Parallax (Original Mix)
James Sison – Napier Lake (Speaking Minds Remix)
Lunar Plane – Umbra (Original Mix)

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