Mix of the Month May 2016 – compiled by Christoph Woerner

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Our fresh Mix of the Month May 2016 is provided by Christoph Woerner from Kassel, Germany.

Christoph is a dear friend who is spearheading the German electronic music podcast KLANGEXTASE. Known to the scene mostly by its two-letter signature logo, ‘KX‘ boasts impressive 5 million+ (!) plays since its founding in 2008.

We are proud to feature Christoph in the mix on WITNESS THIS for your listening pleasures. Here’s some words Christoph sent along about the inspiration for this set:

I’m very grateful to contribute a DJ mix to the podcast series of my favorite blog. Massive thanks go to all artists and labels whose wonderful—and mostly unreleased—material I was allowed to use. This set is dedicated to my dear Anne, who more than anybody else knows what it means living with an electronic music enthusiast who can’t stop recording DJ sets in a non-soundproof living room. Love!” —Christoph Woerner

Nothing to add, I’ll let the music speak for itself…

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TRACKLIST Mix of the Month May 2016, mixed by Christoph Woerner:

1. Harted – Garden
2. Crussen – The Lambert Interpretation
3. Zone + Usif – Andeli
4. Nico Stojan – Blue Hour feat. Jaw (Markus Homm Remix)
5. David Hasert & Francesco Mami – Black Rocks (Miyagi Remix)
6. Douglas Greed faet. Kuss – Like Feathers
7. Kidnap Kid – Birds That Fly
8. Alexander Scharf – When Trees Collide
9. ILL-R – Tribute to R-Supernature
10. RLHBSLCN – Ziehesch
Outro: The Leftover, Kevin


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-Photo courtesy of Melanie Joos-

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