On A Quest For Legends | Chapter 9 | Crussen

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Continuing on our quest for DJ legends we bring to you Crussen. Crussen is a Swede by way of Norway DJ/Producer who has that rare blend of technical skill and impeccable taste.

His sets and original tracks are approachable while entirely unique and cutting edge. His remix of “Theme for Namgar” stopped me in my tracks as something truly different from the zeitgeist of modern electronic music. His mixes have been my some of my all time favorites over the last few years, he appeals to music lovers spanning many genres – a Crussen set is perfect for so many occasions.

Crussen hears remixes in folk ballads and jazz standards and has the technical and musical skills to make it happen flawlessly and quickly. Listen to a Skype interview conversation we had with Crussen and his newest mix, our episode nine below.

Witness Crussen in the mix brought to you in collabo with Kentaur Podcast Sagas.

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Tracklist On A Quest for Legends Ep. 9 mixed by Crussen:

01 Nick Monaco – Maintenance Man
02 Steven Maff – Johnny
03 Rodrigo Gallardo – Vamos Mujer
04 Tribilin Sound – Bilongo Con Sandunga (Umoja Remix)
05 Rodrigo Gallardo – Agua de la Tierra (Nicola Cruz Remix)
06 *unreleased track*
07 Satori – Days Without You (Crussen Remix)
08 Lambert – Fagerhult (Crussen Interpretation)
09 Crussen – In-Am-É
10 Viken Arman – Lose Yourself
11 Majid Bekkas – African Blues (Luca Musto Remix)
12 Luc Angenehm – March Of Freedom (Dub Mix)

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