KENTAUR Deep House Podcast Series

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KENTAUR deep house podcast-Artwork by De Mansj.

Electronic music lovers perk up your ears. The KENTAUR Deep House podcast series brings us some of the most epically curated electronic music we’ve stumbled across in a very long time. “A weekly electronic podcast with main focus on upcoming DJs/producers and the music scene in general.” Smells like we can look forward to witnessing some up-and-coming underground talent on this platform.

Might be that third cup of coffee or Episode 3 is just that fucking brilliant. Brought to us by young producer, Linus Johansson, it’s the perfect progression through familiar tracks and unexpected territories.

Introducing KENTAUR deep house podcast series.

Listen to Episode 3 here. Thank you Mr. Ken Taur, you officially just made our day.

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