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GPSYMTH is the mysterious ambient pop project of one American Peter Quinn.  He dropped us a simple and to the point note inviting us to check out, Rispostes, his debut LP. The nine track album shares some drawn-out songbuilding formalities of this genre in that it’s like everything you’ve heard, but somehow this floats above the rest.  The tracks have the epic builds of early M83 without overdoing it a la Animal Collective.  The harder hitting attitude of Brewster is the standout track and vaguely reminds of Cold Cave.

Now, I could be making assumptions here because I didn’t even ask Peter what the meaning behind the title Ripostes is.  A quick trip to the internets and I found that riposte means either to make quick thrusts (use your imagination), a fencing counter-attack move or a swift/sharp reply in speech or action.  The latter being most likely the appropriate meaning for the album title.  Like a moth to a flame (candle shaped lightbulb), we’re captivated by GPSYMTH’s Rispostes.


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