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Our very own freshair is dropping a new mixtape just in time for some weekend shenanigans…

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“From the first steps on the dance floor to late night french kissing with the pretty you’re vibing on the dance floor, this mix keeps you bopping and moving, swerving and perving if you will…and you will.

From nu-disco to funk to electro shennaigans, this is one to toss on when you first start to break your sweat and get on your toes. Party people welcome and encouraged. Listen UP and witness-THIS.”


If you like what you hear be sure to head over to Main On Main in Venice (technically Santa Monica) on Thursday, March 8th to see our very own music curators, freshair and 78 and sunny, come together for an incredible tag team performance. Be sure to stay tuned on Monday for a new drop from our own 78 and sunny

*Flyer design by Life & Limb. Photo by Elsa Kawai

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