Crying Vessel — A Beautiful Curse

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Photography by Alexander Anderfuhren

crying vessel by alexander anderfuhren

Crying Vessel is Slade Templeton and Basil Oberli from Switzerland, and they have been making my days with their music this past week. Their fourth album A Beautiful Curse has dropped October 13th, and is since playing on repeat on my iTunes.

For his fourth major release, front man Slade decided to leave the Trip-Hop trails of the first three albums. Instead, he takes us back to the darker episodes of 80s synth-wave music, evoking the spirit of the likes of Depeche Mode and The Cure. I’ve been listening to a lot of electronic dance music lately, so A Beautiful Curse came as a welcome surprise.


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The album grinds itself into your brain with ease, combining all the ingredients that made 80s wave music so successful—the typical drum sets, simple & grandiose synth melodies, bass guitar, reverberations, and a characteristic, beseeching voice that adds a layer of melancholic drama to the music. (In some parts of the album I had a hard time distinguishing Slade’s voluminous voice from Dave Gahan’s, and I don’t mean this in the sense of a copycat, but as a compliment. Just check out the opening lines of Empty Glass to hear what I’m talking about.)

Is A Beautiful Curse a revolution? Certainly not. But it’s a piece of well-crafted, fine music that reloads all that was good about the melancholic wave pop of the 80s.

Pre-listen to “A Beautiful Curse” below. Buy via Bandcamp or iTunes.

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“You’re going nowhere fast // stuck in a haunted past // you’re breaking free // from all these chains…”

Crying Vessel, The Second Sleep

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