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Never having been a skater myself I usually don’t dare touching skate. However, Sean Slobodan made it easy for me with ‘LOCAL’ today.

His short skate clip captures beautiful impressions featuring local skaters from the Salt Lake and Utah Valleys. What starts as the average street sports vid in the first half blew me away in its second half.

Here we are with some extraordinary photography and slow-motions that will just make you want to push repeat over and over again… not to mention that final moon shot, and the overall skate skill displayed (the latter being judged from my humble amateur perspective).

The music composed by Micah Andersen is just awesome and gives this clip exactly the right tone of voice. (UPDATE: Micah’s website was down by the time we wrote this but should be back up again soon.)

Sean has also done a ‘Portrait Of A Runner‘, so if you are more the running type of person you might find that one inspiring as well. Find more great motion picture on Sean’s Vimeo channel.

Witness LOCAL by Sean Slobodan.

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Director/DOP/Editor | Sean Slobodan
Producer & Still Photographer | Weston Colton
Aerial Photography | Helivate Films
Music | Micah Andersen
Skaters | Daniel Roman, Logan Summers, Chandler Seipert, Matt Bergmann, Matt Winskowski, Alex Washington, Levi Faust, Tyson Bowerbank

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