Aaron "Jaws" Homoki Delivers Biggest Skate Drop in History

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I’m not an expert in Skateboarding but what I’ve just witnessed blew my mind.

THRASHER magazine released footage today of Aaron “Jaws” Homoki being the first in history to drop the 25 steps of Lyon, considered one of the holy grails in Skateboarding culture around the world, and now the biggest skate drop ever taped.

The jump was recorded already in October 2015 but the video was held undisclosed until today. Naturally, this had been a source of wild rumors discussed in the scene and in social media in the past months.

I have no reference point as I don’t skate, but I don’t need that to know this guy has balls of steel. Massive respect, Aaron.

Advisory note: The beginning of the video contains some graphic content of an accident that Aaron had when he first tried the steps one year earlier. Be warned. Not for the faint of heart.

(h/t VICE)

Biggest. Drop. Ever! Jaws plummets his way into skateboarding history with nerves of steel, joints of rubber and a little help from Ali Boulala. Skateboarding rules!

Posted by Thrasher Magazine on Freitag, 12. Februar 2016

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