Quality Time with Jasmine Solano - Episode 2: MeLo-X

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We’re excited to feature an exclusive first look from a series hosted by Jasmine Solano and produced by filmmaker Mara Tasker. Jasmine is half of the DJ music duo Electric Punanny with MeLo-X. Typically people see this duo in performance mode, however here you get a behind the scenes look at their tight knit friendship. Watch as they discuss why quality will always be important to MeLo-X and how quality has shaped the artist he is today.

“In today’s social media-obsessed culture, we’ve seemed to lower our standards in quality. Instant gratification and reactionary impulses are the new norms.”

As a creative, I find myself having conversations about this constantly. Have we truly lowered our standard in every realm – be it art, music, news, politics? In this series Quality Time with Jasmine Solano you get an inside look into the world of me and my friends – as we joke, laugh and most importantly dissect the importance of Quality.”

– Jasmine Solano


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