Mix of the Month December 2017 — compiled by MAGA

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Photography by Saskia Uppenkamp

There’s a special feeling when you get to know someone through their music before meeting them; knowing that certain sounds can recreate moods and redefine feelings within a 60-minute compilation.
Music is not just about music. What is powerful about music is that it is about everything else in the world. It is about everything that we feel and everything that runs in our veins. It holds the world together.

MAGA’s sets feel like an escape in time. The French talent creates the perfect mixture of oriental, ethereal and hypnotic tunes taking you into an unexpected journey of sound. From Black Rock City to Africa, his carefully curated track selection has taken him to burn the decks in top venues all over the world. This month alone he will play in 5 different locations from Hong Kong to Europe and Tulum!

For our December Mix of the Month, MAGA has recorded a very colorful set especially for you. Read on while you listen to learn a little more about this exceptional artist. Enjoy!

MAGA by Saskia Uppenkamp

“This set I made has been handpicked and recorded for all the seekers of the light out there. Enjoy, my friends!”


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WT: Hi MAGA, when did you first discover electronic music and why did you become a DJ?

MAGA: It all started in South Africa. I used to run a club until I decided to learn how to play records and since then I haven’t stopped.

I’ve seen you’ve played all over the world. Do you have any favorite crowds or places to play at and why?

I think every place has its own charm and its own energy but if I had to choose I would say that to me personally there is no better place than Burning Man. I believe that it is one of the few places where you can express yourself deeply because people are willing to listen to your journey and become a part of it.

How has your music evolved with you as an artist, your style and taste? 

I believe every artist evolves with what they truly feel comfortable with and their own set up and music selection. I generally love to play hybrid sets, which means I add a lot more to a track where I can fill in the gaps and take it to a higher place through additional drums, percussion, pad and bassline.

MAGA by Saskia Uppenkamp

“For me, Burning Man is an experience that deeply defines you because it is about recognizing your mistakes and taking steps to become a better person and bring out the best in your future.”

I have seen you have been a part of Afrika Burn, Burning Man Decompression, and Burning Man itself. What does being a burner mean to you? And, do you think it is becoming more commercial and losing its essence?

Yes, I have been to most of the burns and I have had some of the best memories of my life over there. For me, Burning Man is an experience that deeply defines you because it is about recognizing your mistakes and taking steps to become a better person and bring out the best in your future.

I don’t really believe there is a commercial side to it. I think that once you have been there you will understand that through the experience you commit yourself to enjoying and becoming a part of this incredibly unique and magic community.

As a DJ you get to touch people’s souls. What is your favorite part of this journey? 

The key in my sets is to let the audience breathe mentally. My favorite moments are the long drops and the unexpected moments and turns.

What do you do when you are not behind the decks? 

Looking for my future wife obviously! (chuckles)

I have seen you have produced some tracks. I really enjoyed “Crack of the Dawn”. How do you see yourself evolving as a DJ and maybe producer in the next years?

Thank you, Crack of the Dawn came out on Leveldva, the label of my good friend Geju from Moscow. I have two EPs coming out very soon and a few remixes of some very talented artists so stay tuned!

Thank you MAGA and we catch you soon!

MAGA by Saskia Uppenkamp

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NYE @ Papaya Playa Project, Tulum, Mexico.
January 2, 2018 @ Sound, Tulum, Mexico w/ Guy Gerber & Squire.

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