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Chanelle Sladics is a Professional snowboarder, yogi, environmental advocate and entrepreneur from Newport Beach, California now residing in Oceanside, California. Beginning her snow career as a weekend warrior with trips to Bear and Mammoth, she found her love of competition and excelled quickly in order to keep up with her competitors that had a home mountain advantage. Now sponsored by Oakley, Nixon, Dakine, Kicker, Flux Bindings and the Keep-A-Breast Foundation amongst others – she’s an international globetrotter and a strong example of doing what you love. In our minds, she’s a Genius.

What’s your drink of choice?
Coconut water

Where did it all start?
Newport Beach, CA

Tell us about some of the projects you’re working on right now.
One Life and Simply Straws are taking the majority of my focus at the moment. One Life is a group of girl snowboarders aspiring to spread environmental awareness and playful vibes through snowboarding, music, art, and working with a series of non-profits. We are currently working closely with Keep-a-Breast, Non-Toxic Revolution, and Protect our Winters. Simply Straws is a reusable straw company my family and I recently started to help people reduce plastics. I’m excited we are donating 10% back to non-profits educating and reducing plastics on our planet. is in the process of getting an update, so you can soon read and follow my projects there. I’m looking forward to utilize and share my new Yogaworks Teacher certification to share my love and knowledge of yoga to help people create more movement in their bodies and hearts. All of these are fun projects that I am passionate about.

What’s the worst clothing trend you’ve been a part of?
Spaghetti strap shirts, they dont work for my broad shoulders….

What are you listening to right now?
Today: Feist, Sondre Lerche, and Ratatat on Pandora….and Cindy Santini’s new “Cindian” project/Kellen Malloy’s new “Kith and Kel” being created at my house! Not to mention their Dj sets! Awesomeness, I love music!

Who do you spend the most time with?
Definitely my family of One Life gals….we organically found each other through our own individual weirdness and now live together about 8 months out of the year! I am inspired by these ladies daily; as athletes, comedians, musicians, film geeks, and environmental lovers. We have an epic time creating together, snowboarding, cooking, yoga, rock climbing, surfing, hiking…all of the above.

I am really connected to my family here in SD, we have a great group of humans making magic through music, art, photography, film, athleticism, and non-profit work….these individuals have all touched my life in a huge way, and inspired me to take my passions to new heights. Its always a pleasure to collaborate with these inspiring people… you all know who you are…;) I am soooo happy to get the time I do with them when I am home!

What does the word genius mean to you?
Progressive, forward thinking, intuitive, courageous, confident, humble, aware.

Who inspires you?
The characteristics I am attracted to most are: passionate, caring, healthy, contributors, artistic, athletic, activists, confident, humble, sharing…and especially fun!!! People with these attributes inspire me the most and I try to surround myself around this kind of energy.

What inspires you?
Movement. With my body and towards my dreams. Purity. Peace. Passion. Authenticity. Creativity.

What’s the dark side of pursuing a career in action sports/snowboarding?
Your body takes a beating.

Have you had to sacrifice anything to get where you are?
Goggle tan at prom? It doesn’t feel like sacrifice when the reward is so great. I wouldn’t trade my life for anything at the moment, I get to learn what many body is capable of everyday, teach people how to use theres, promote vibrant health, and especially see the world. This job has hugely shaped and molded the women I have become today! This lifestyle has shaped and molded the women I have become today! I have been presented with so many enhancing opportunities, and I try to say yes to as many as possible!

What was the turning point in your career, and when did things start taking off?
When I got a bronze medal at X-games, followed by winning the Asian Open.

How has the snowboarding/action sports world changed since you started?
Non-endemic sponsors have noticed the excitement and value in our entertaining sports. Allowing our events to become bigger, and attract more viewers. I hope to never see it become conservative and complacent, because our passion and weirdness is what makes us special! We are athletes, but often also artist, photographers, environmentalists…etc….it is a lifestyle based sport with many options for growth!

More money, often inspires more serious vibes, but I think our sport will always carry that punk rock “I do it because its awesome” vibe.

What’s next for you?
Getting ready for the season, and watching the completion of my projects that are under construction.

If the world is ending in 2012, how will you change your life plan?
I wouldn’t. One Life!

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