StyleStalker: Opening Ceremony

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Everytime I go to Opening Ceremony in LA I’m tripping out on how well dressed the employees that work their are. I find that some of the best dressed people are those who work on the floors of our favorite stores. This is a collection highlighting the employees of Opening Ceremony and what they are wearing. This is the first of many features where Witness This will pay homage to the best dressed employees of the different stores around the world we love.

If you have a store you love, and you think the people who work there have great style, send us in photos of those people (1 or even 20) and we’ll feature that store and the people who work their on Witness This. If you don’t trust yourself with a camera and want us to go shoot the store and the people ourselves, let us know! Boutique’s, second hand, department stores, it doesn’t matter. This is about the people who work there who pride themselves on their style.

Send and attach images here: StyleStalker

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