Clover Canyon

Story by

words by Kari Hendrick

I have been expanding my collection of printed pants and recently came across a number that has me drooling all over. The pieces of Clover Canyon. These are not just printed pants, they are truly a work of art, and as I was creating a wish list, I saw their swim collection…and THEN, I saw their collaboration with Los Angeles based artist Alexandra Grant. Based out of LA, each piece depicts the lifestyle and joyful spirit of California. All of these patterns are drawn, cut, and sewn in house to fit like a kaleidoscope of colors over the curves of these sunkissed women. The prints, they say, embark on endless voyage, from the tribal plains of Africa and the courts of ancient kings, through the annals of art history, and beyond. They’re bold, vibrant, and seem to dare me to try them on.

You can check out the Fall 2013 line for Clover Canyon here:





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