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Badass vintage shit. Started by JP Plunier Feal Mor is an online shop specializing in boutique styling and custom one of a kind artifacts. I say artifacts because the items, whether clothing or jewelry should be in a museum. Here is what JP says about his program:

Personally , I don’t only wear Feal Mor. I wear Levi’s and Vans and sometimes one of my Blucher Mocs I bought in 1978. I wear my French Vintage Jump Jacket from 1947 and other times my M 65 I’ve had since high school. But I also wear my 2007 VisVim moccasins and my 2003 Hermes suede Blouson. So what the fuck? All I’m sayin’ is I always hated it when I would go into stores and the people who worked there looked like they were forced to wear the brand. And I don’t want to do that at this store either.

Check out some of my favorite pieces and head to the store now to see more:


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