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Onyx Creative caught my eye in a massive way this week as I came across this forward-curated online store that is a glimpse into the future of clothing and accessories.

There are so many online stores out there, but to find one with such a solid point of view and cohesive offering, it’s easy to see why this one is special. With a creative project like this I had to seek out the minds behind it.

Angela Afifi, founder and CEO, gave us the breakdown on her project.
2014 was a year around the world for her. Her travels have been the biggest inspiration in starting Onyx Creative – she wished the beautiful products available in local boutiques worldwide were also available online. This, coupled with her love for modern design and simple aesthetics became the biggest driving forces in the birth of Onyx Creative.

(All designs by Inga Skripka.)

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onyx creative

onyx creative

onyx creative


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