Love Jules Leather

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We are on a bit of a customized apparel/footwear/accessory trip these days, and Love Jules Leather is no exception. Hailing from Whistler B.C. the founders, creators, artists, Jules and Josh seem to have a knack for what they do as they’ve been at it for four years. Their material mash-up as well as their fantastic color combo’s keep the Pendleton look alive and it still feels pretty fresh.

“Everything we do, is by hand, no machines (other than a century old Singer, and a wood burning pen) by our four hands… so we can guarantee you each and every piece is one of a kind ’cause our hands are only so good!”

Digging the energy of this pair of craftsmen, and we love supporting this kind of story.
You can find their stuff on Etsy and pick up a pair for yourself here: Love Jules Leather

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