Music Monday: Holy Other-Sunshrine Mix

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Came accross this on the weekend. This mix is perfect for zoning out for hours on the computer, whether you are designing, editing, or even doing spreadsheets (well maybe not those) but if you havn’t heard of Holy Other, he is a musician based out of Berlin. His music could be categorized as: witch house . electronic . ambient . dark ambient . experimental . dark pop . electro . zhou . electronica . dream pop .

It’s hard to describe what he’s up to behind those synthesizers, computers, and recording equipment, but you will feel like you are watching a strange film at some points of the mix, in a trendy wine bar late night in other parts, and on serious hallucinogens in others. Look for Glasser mash ups throughout and enjoy the ride.

sample it here:

a part of the mix features this track:


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download the 45 minute mix here.

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