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Dillon Morton aka LUST wrote us last week to announce the release of his Dark Water EP.  Each of the three tracks on this electro disco release build nicely, yet mysteriously and are clouded by a darkness (hence the title) not found in his previous offerings.  The opening song Love Scene has some sound to it that emulates the dark and empty industrial warehouse of the stereotyped horror movie .  The last 30 seconds of the track Dark Water sound to me like the killing music of the shower scene in Psycho.  I wish I could have listened to this in total darkness during the power Blackout we had here in San Diego a few weeks ago in order to submit to the good-natured horror that is intended.

“When I began writing the Dark Water EP, I wanted to create a dark disco-noir sound that came off as an erotic horror movie soundtrack. Each song, with the help of interludes, moves the EP through several different settings I had envisioned as scenes, although the story is not important just yet… Enjoy the coaxingly sensuous mystery that is Dark Water.” – LUST

Dark Water EP by LUST

You can download the Dark Water EP for free here.

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