Freshair August Mixtape: Lynndian Summer

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Through the most difficult month of my life, I found comfort in very few things. Music being one and friends/family another. But unlike people, music is a constant. It does not bend, brake or leave. It amplifies your mood and comforts you with its beauty and understanding of self and world. It’s both contemplative and reflective. It’s emotive and it is magical. Music reminds us that we are never alone, no matter how dark things appear. With the loss of someone special, there are moments of suffocating pain and there are moments of peace and acceptance. Yet, through it all music allows us to be present and to realize there in fact may just be a light at the end of the tunnel. Strange how in death, we are closest to life. It may not get better, but it will get easier.

Being separated from my equipment and home for most of August and dealing with roller coaster of emotions, I gravitated in a different direction musically. I’m so thankful to have documented this experience with music and I’m really personally attached to this compilation. As I get on a place back to my life in California, I am carrying on a heavy heart but I am humbly optimistic for what awaits me. September is my favorite month of the year in Southern Cal and looking forward to it gives me a feeling of humble optimism. I’m so thankful to have documented this experience with music and I find myself very attached to a lot of these tracks. May you do the same.
In honor of Lynn Elyse Wetterauer Heine August 9, 1947- August 3, 2012. I love you Mom. See you next time.



Everything Falls Apart     The One Am Radio
Bad Things                          Be The Bear Track Marks
1957                                       Milo Greene
Float                                      KO KO
Call me mb (1)                    Glass Mural
Hold Me                               Haim
Good As New                      Vacationer
You’re My Rescue              Van She
Burst                                     Craft Spells
How Do You Do                Hot Chip
Five Seconds                      Twin Shadow
Amanaemonesia              Chairlift
Low Life                              Tours
Tokyo Underground        Blue Sky Black Death
Follow                                 DIIV
All Figured Out                 Tanlines
One I Love                          Drug Cabin
Proof                                    I Am Kloot
Revelation Blues               The Tallest Man On Earth
Flowers Bloom                  High Highs
Departure                           Germany Germany
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