Yvein Monq 'TWUN' by Kinopravda

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Yvein Monq is an electronic music artist from Budapest, Hungary.

His sound is evocative of Aphex Twin. Although his music is fascinating, this feature’s purpose is to credit the achievement of the KINOPRAVDA collective, Barcelona, Spain. These guys are a crew of filmmakers who provided the music video for Yvein’s song ‘TWUN’.

This one is fresh and witty, and made me smile in the office. Loving the image compositions, locations, wardrobe and the bizarre creativity in it.

As a man I can only guess how entertaining this one is if you’re a woman…

Witness Yvein Monq ‘TWUN’ by Kinopravda.

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Directed by Kinopravda collective
Created by Viktor Horváth
Director of photography: Bet Rourich
Producers: Constance Guillou, Robin Giraud (Excuse My French), Zita Kisgergely (PPM Films), Miklós Kázmér, Zoltán Hídvégi (Umbrella)
Creative producer: Xénia Fekete, Danila Kostil
Production manager: Anna Szijártó
Creative contributors: Ábris Gryllus, Áron Filkey
Production designer: Zsófia Tasnádi
Stylist: Heni Kiss, Linda Rita Tóth
Colorist: Sylvain Canaux (Saint Louis)
VFX: Matthieu Caulet (Saint Louis)
Fox maker: Géza Szöllősi
Shoes: Natacha Marro, Enikő Tóth Kern, Anna Zaboeva, Eugenia Alejos
Clothes: SCHATZI, Retrock, LoveBug Vintage
Special thanks: Victor Carrey, Gábor Piroch, Andrea Szirmai, Regina Darányi (Vision Team), Gabriel Planes (Technok), Sergi Subirá (In Extremis), Médea Kui (Boscolo Hotel), Noémi Varga
Label: 8ounce Records

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