Tame Impala's 'The Less I Know The Better' by CANADA

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Tame Impala The Less I Know The Better by CANADA

I hate to be late with posting the good stuff. So usually I don’t even bother re-posting things here on WITNESS THIS that have been already covered by the creative lead media weeks ago.

This time I have to make an exception although our colleagues at The Creator’s Project were faster. It’s just because Tame Impala‘s new music video is easily one of the best I’ve seen in years.

I won’t spend too much time telling you what exactly it is. Go experience for yourself. Let me just say you are going to be time-travelling back into those glorious teenage days of unbound fantasies and sexual awakening. A time where everything tasted so sweet because it was that one and only FIRST TIME…
All of this happens totally safe for work, and bursting with creativity.

The production company goes by the name CANADA, a creative studio founded in 2008 based in Barcelona. Check out their website I linked in this paragraph to learn more about these guys. It’s really worth it.

(-h/t The Creator’s Project-)

Witness Tame Impala’s new music video produced by CANADA.

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