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The Sacred Science is a powerful documentation about plant healing.

In the 75 minute film the story unfolds around eight people suffering various diseases – including diabetes, alcoholism/depression, Parkinson, cancer, and Irritable Bowel Syndrome – on their voyage into the Peruvian Amazon region where they are seeking cure from the medicine men of indigenous tribes. All of the participants have a history of dealing with conventional Western world medicine, and see the plant medicine as a last resort.

Five of them return with surprising results. Two of them leave with new insights. One of them does not come back at all.

They say:
“This is a world-class documentary with a powerful, revolutionary message. This film transcends western medicine and highlights a whole new realm of healing and discovery.”
– MIKE ADAMS, The Health Ranger – Natural News

We say:
Certainly one of the better documentaries out there dealing with alternative medicine and natural healing. Well-filmed with only a few weak spots in the narrative that I would have loved to see explored a little more. The overall message of ‘The Sacred Science’ is strong and finds our full support. If you or a loved one are struggling with ailments you haven’t found answers for then this movie might point in the right direction for you. ENJOY.

Produced in 2011, the piece is now online for public screening until tomorrow, October 17th. You can witness the full-length movie in exchange for submitting your email address. In case you miss it you can order the movie here.

Check ‘The Sacred Science’ trailer below for a first impression.

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