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Your Space

Neon installation courtesy of Slater Bradley

When I saw on Social Media that our friend Sophie had announced the opening of a new international outlet for spirituality and consciousness in Berlin I was instantly intrigued.

Sophie is a light in Berlin’s art scene, and when she tells you she’s going on an adventure to this “new amazing place” somewhere on this planet you are wise to follow her. Sophie has just recently come back from Mexico where she completed a meditation retreat in darkness and complete silence.

I leave it to the readers’ imagination who or what told Sophie to open a mindfulness-based creative space in Berlin while she was surfing the astral planes of the seventh dimension. Let me just say she was seen deboarding the plane from Mexico dressed in a dragon costume, pumped with inspiration, dragging behind her a dozen cactuses, and a skeleton dog named Chucho.

We visited the certified Yoga and meditation instructors Sophie and Michaela in their new spiritual hideout in Berlin’s Prenzlauer Berg to find out what the fuck is going on.

Your Space

WT: Sophie, Michaela, what exactly are you doing here? And what is your goal?

SW: My friend Michaela and I have opened this space—called Your Space—for our ‘tribe’. So for all the people we’ve met on our various journeys who have learned, researched and experienced amazingly inspirational things on their respective paths. Your Space is there to share that knowledge, to drag it into the light, so that we can all learn, be inspired and grow from it.

MA: On a daily basis—including weekends—, Your Space will hold various workshops and classes connected to a holistic, mindfulness-based lifestyle. It is also a space to meet and connect with like-minded people from all over the world.

WT: What inspired you to do this?

SW: We’ve both traveled a lot and have over time created a global network, so people we can do projects with, travel, live or simply feel at home with. Now that we’re both back in Berlin, we wanted to have that same feeling of one weird huge family again. I find it super-inspiring to engage with people who burn for what they do, it becomes contagious, and I love that feeling. So in the words of David Lynch: fire walk with me.

WT: What kind of people would you want to get in touch with Your Space after they read this article?

MA: Anyone who would like to share his/her inspiration, wisdom or knowledge. And everyone who is eager to learn and evolve further on a personal level.

SW: If you are out there and you know something that you think should be shared for the benefit of everyone else, let us know! Also if you want to be a sponge and simply soak up as much knowledge about health, mindfulness, nutrition, your body, art and what it means to be a part of a community, come on over and become a part of it.

Your Space

Your Space

“Our three main pillars are body, mind and soul, so Your Space is all about learning things that might change your life for the better.”

Your Space

Your Space

WT: Say I wanted to participate – what do I need to bring to the table in order to participate?

SW: We are open to any new ideas. Your Space is really your space! Michaela and I are simply the ones who take care of it. Our three main pillars are body, mind and soul, so Your Space is all about learning and experiencing new things, things that you can take home, things that might change your life for the better.

WT: How do you finance the whole thing? And what are the costs for participants?

SW: For the next three months, Your Space is a non-profit playground. We do this because we felt it needed to be done. Especially in this part of the city. We also have a crazy trust in the universe that everything is going to work out. Of course, we also need to cover some basic costs. That’s why most classes are donation-based.

WT: Is there a plan to make this a long-term venture?

MA: We trust in the dynamics of the community. I believe that if the right people get together things will happen and evolve that we cannot foresee at this point.

SW: This is the appetizer. If all the people involved really get into the tribe spirit and all of us together create an exuberant dynamic, we are more than certain that Your Space will continue. Let’s see how it all feels at the end of June.

WT: Thank you, ladies, and have fun on the path to enlightenment!

Your Space

Your Space

Your Space

Your Space opens April 11th.

Prenzlauer Allee 26
2nd yard, 3rd floor
10405 Berlin
+49 151-40438066

Opening hours:
Mon – Sun
opening times vary, check the website or facebook page for weekly schedules.

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