Ancient Poetry Nights: Spoken Word of the Female Mind

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Photography by Alessia Cocca

Ancient Poetry Nights @ Anahita Arts of Asia Berlin

Being a melting pot of cultures, Berlin has proven multiple times how almost any constellation of two entities can create something exceptional.

With their Ancient Poetry Nights, Anahita Sadighi and Susana AbdulMajid have sewed classic Persian and Arabic poetry into Berlin’s diverse, modern culture.

The series of events takes place in Anahita’s gallery—Anahita – Arts of Asia—and consists of handpicked compilations of poems from Arab and Persian origin which these two young artistic souls recite in Farsi, German, Arabic and English.

Anahita Sadighi and Susu AbdulMajid
The makers of the Poetry Nights, Susana AbdulMajid and Anahita Sadighi.

As a niche for female expression in its full form, they have also created a series of Poetry Night events curated around the stories and voices of influential female writers: The first series named “I AM NOT YOUR EXOTIC GIRL”. Through this series they seek to give female authors from the Middle East a representative voice, merging elements of both East and West, new and old in their performances. Furthermore, they ignite topics such as sexual liberation and female empowerment.

As a gallerist and an upcoming actress and writer, these two inspiring women appreciate, understand and wish to communicate Persian and Arabic cultural heritage in a new format thereby creating a modern platform for art to transcend time and arrive to vibrant and colorful places such as Berlin’s urban jungle.

Ancient Poetry Nights Berlin_2

Ancient Poetry Nights @ Anahita Arts of Asia Berlin
Impressions from past Poetry Nights at Anahita’s gallery in West Berlin.

However, the most remarkable thing about Poetry Nights is the force and passion with which these two exceptional women present the timeless lyrics. The venue, Anahita – Arts of Asia harbors the soul of ancient Middle Eastern cultural artefacts that make the lyrics come to life in an enchanting way.
Having been a guest myself, I can only recommend this experience to anyone who is interested in exploring ancient culture through the lens of youth.

I invite you to get inspired with a little taste of the words:


Bless those wonderful nights,

and best of all,


If you had been there

You’d have seen us locked together

Under the chaperone’s sleepful eyes

Like the sun in the arms of the moon

Or a panting gazelle in the clasp of a lion.

للهِ درُّ اللّيالي ما أحيسنها
وما أُحيسن منها ليلةَ الأحَدِ
لو كنتَ حاضرنا فيها وقَدْ غفلتْ
عينُ القيب فلمْ تنظرْ إلى أحدِ
أبصرتَ شمسَ الضُّحَى في ساعدي قمرٍ
بل رِيَم خازمةٍ في ساعَدْي أسدِ

Persian & Arabic Poetry Nights Berlin_4

The next installment of Poetry Nights is set for September 21st, 2018. Find the event page on facebook.

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