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There’s tons of cheesy inspirational quotes out there flooding the internet, and rarely does one come across a collection that offers some profound wisdom.

Here’s an Instagram feed that caught our attention the other day as the antithesis to that. @mindfulmft holds some really good stuff for your daily dose of inspiration, poetry, and spiritual growth.

Find below some impressions, and follow @mindfulmft on Instagram if you dig.

The captions are always worth a read, some of which we’ve included here as examples.

Everyone you meet serves a purpose. We feel things when we meet people. We think things when we meet people. They reflect parts of us that need growth. Some inspire • Some encourage • Some challenge • Some hurt • Some heal • Some teach • Some love • but everyone has something of value if you choose to search for it. People will leave you different than they found you. This is necessary and something to embrace. Sometimes you won't understand. Sometimes you will assume. Sometimes you will be right, and other times you will be wrong. But if you can just begin to ask yourself what you can gain from this…what you can take away…you will be better for it. Be taken on adventures. Explore. Befriend someone you never thought you would. Think a new thought. Try something new. And never forget that you too have the same role for others. For every raging forest there's a colorful sky. For every thunderstorm there is a beautiful sunrise. Get lost and be present to it all. There's a lot to learn and a lot to teach. #mindfulmft

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What a beautiful thought that is. Someone out there somewhere is looking for you in everyone they meet. They're hoping for that moment when everything just feels right. When it all just clicks. They're hoping to get excited about staying up late and learning everything there is to know about you. Someone right now is thinking about you…fantasizing about coming home to you and kissing you on the forehead…having perfect, lazy Sunday mornings…doing it all together. We have to believe in this. We have to trust that this world holds another soul that is going to click with ours. There are so many people out there who are working their way closer to you, and you to them. Trust that. Keep holding that space. Keep growing yourself, and challenging your parts. Soon enough you'll find you way into someone's arms who has been waiting for you, and it will be the most beautiful moment you'll experience. #mindfulmft

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People will see and believe what it is they need to see and believe to keep whatever story it is they need to support. You see, everything really does get filtered through the lens of whatever it is they're going through. People's stuff….is their stuff. But a lot of times we make it ours. We try to control how it is they receive us. We try to convince them out of their story. We try to save them from their own damaging narratives. But here's the thing…you can't save a person from a narrative they're putting their energy into proving correct. That's a battle you'll lose. It's a battle you'll lose until they're ready to accept and trust a new story. So stay in your story. Don't let their narrative shift you away from your truth. Stay in your love. Plant two feet in your truth, and refuse to be shaken. #mindfulmft

Ein Beitrag geteilt von Vienna Pharaon (@mindfulmft) am

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