'The Herd' Antlers by Whit Connolly

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Whit Connolly has been collecting antler mounts for long time. In Montana, where she lives, they are an everyday sighting. She decided that instead of letting the antlers collect dust in people’s sheds and garages she would bring them to life.

“I suppose I am doing the gals a favor by beautifying their man’s trophy and making them all wall-worthy”, Whit says playfully. “I also have a vast collection of vintage fabric and random items of junk that I used to accessorize each member of The Herd. Of course I grew fond of each piece as I brought it to life, so naturally I named them.”

The Herd is in the DeWeese Gallery in Bozeman, Montana through March 8th. (UPDATE: this refers to the original post date in 2013!) The show is called ART design, and graphic design professionals in the area were invited to showcase the art they make away from their computers.

Witness ‘The Herd’ antlers by Whit Conolly.

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