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A Witness sent us Silas’s work recently and we were absolutely blown away. From New Haven, CT, Silas seems to depict a dance between skate culture and historical found objects. The result is a feeling of nastalgia framed by such a familiar shape, that of a skateboard. Silas speaks to his work, “Fragments, pieces, parts, scraps, objects adrift, without connection, undefined. These objects are given new identities and are reconnected to something whole. ” 

We had an opportunity to speak to Silas today about the pieces we chose to feature, “All the boards are stories, if you look close at the type press board, you will notice the clocks are stopped on the ”time of arrival” of the planes that struck the towers,, many words and names are hidden in the type press. The piece with charlie as a boyscout is that of charlie whitman, the texas tower shooter of 1966, the  portraits are his victims and they are pinpointed on a map of the university exactly were they fell. the board is the tower , with the top showing the clock at the moment charlie himself was shot.”

Needless to say we love his work even more now.

Visit Silas’s art here: Silas Finch


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