"Lucid" Light Installations by 3hund

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From the guys who brought us the Bioluminiscent Forest there’s a new artistic short film that has been released some days ago.

For “Lucid”, light artists Tarek Mawad and Friedrich van Schoor aka 3hund shot some epic nature and landscape sceneries that are illuminated by simple, electroluminescent geometric lights and shapes. The result is a surreal spectacle reminiscent of a slumbering alien planet.

The main achievement of the 6-minute film is that all lights seen in the film were actual physical installations, none of it added in post-production. I don’t even want to imagine the amount of work and logistics to undergo in order to pull something like this—left aside the weather conditions.

Enjoy “Lucid” and its Making Of below. For more background info check the project website.


(—h/t TCP—)

“The idea was to create a surreal world based on simple geometric light shapes that seem misplaced, but somehow blend with its surrounding at the same time. A single lightsource tells a surreal story of magic and loneliness in a surreal and intense way.”

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