Geometric Landscape Design by NINETOTHREE

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Created by German freelance designer @NINETOTHREE, this gorgeous abstract photoset features an unusual merge. The graphic talent behind it, German-based Oliver K. pursued a goal to discover new and interesting stock imagery, to then manipulate in post production.

Challenging himself to upload on a weekly basis, Oliver managed to produce a quality set of shots, highlighting the art of merging by integrating digitally created objects into landscapes so seamlessly. With such a stunning visual backdrop, Oliver’s outcomes seem to frame the shots perfectly, bringing attention to image depth, colour, and shape.

Follow Oliver K on behance or Instagram.

(-This feature was originally published by our friends at Trouge.-)

Geometric Landscape Design 2_by threetonine

Geometric Landscape Design 3_by threetonine

Geometric Landscape Design 4_by threetonine

Geometric Landscape Design5_by threetonine

geometric landscape design6_by threetonine

geometric landscape design7_by threetonine

geometric landscape design 1_by threetonine

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