Margaret Zhang

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At only 19 years old, Margaret Zhang has already so much to be proud of. Not only does she have a serious grasp on fashion, blogging, modeling, and photography, but she also just so happens to study Law in Sydney. Her multiple intelligences come through on so many levels in her blog Shine by Three, and her most recent shoot where she models neoprene and leather for Leroy Nguyen and Harpers Bazaar blows my mind. Her stunning features are complimented in the way she poses; sophisticated, poignant, and minimalistic.

6-Margaret-Zhang-Leroy-Nguyen-Witness This6

6-Margaret-Zhang-Leroy-Nguyen-Witness This5

6-Margaret-Zhang-Leroy-Nguyen-Witness This4

6-Margaret-Zhang-Leroy-Nguyen-Witness This3

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6-Margaret-Zhang-Leroy-Nguyen-Witness This

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