Beard Buddy

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Beards are the ultimate inner circle social experiment. They can breed complete awe or complete disdain – even more so with fellow bearded folk.  Lacking a beard myself but being good friends with a man simply known as “Beard,” I can vouch for this. Ever walk into a social environment with a bearded friend?  There’s either immediate camaraderie and high fives between beards or awkward tension and even aggressiveness brought on by the inferior beard. It’s like a beard on beard hate crime or love fest everywhere you go.

Beard Buddy is the facial hair accessory brand of bearded brethren Gareth Stehr and Nathan Bell. Their company was born out of a desire to keep their beards from getting weird and they developed handkerchiefs, oils, and combs to do just that. Hand crafted, quality products specifically for beards by beards. Now past its awkward stubble stage and coming in strong, Beard Buddy is poised for ZZ Top like growth.

“Fuck Walmart. Go to Beardmart.” – Beard

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