Back to Basics - Edison Mfg Co.

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Eclectique Culture has an episode segment called Back to Basics and they recently featured our friend Dave McKinney who is the hands behind Edison Mfg Co. We’ve showcased the goods before, but this is a chance to meet the man and the founding principles behind these handmade Americana leather goods.  Top it off with The Pixies and you’ve got a great video.


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“I don’t feel the satisfaction that I do from leather from anything else other than skateboarding.  It just starts as a raw hide and I cut it and I dye it and I shape it into this final product.  The small parts are so much bigger than the sum of it. When you get to it, this final product – you’re so proud of it and it’s so tangible.  At the end of the day I can say, ‘These things are in my hand and I made these.'”

– Dave McKinney, Edison Mfg Co. Founder

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