The ZONE Project: Glam-Trash in Rio (NSFW)

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The ZONE project was launched in 2015 by the kolor art collective in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. The project is split into series of photos called ‘zones’ each defined by a distinctive style, texture, theme and atmosphere.

Shootings took place in kolor‘s studio in the heart of Rio and in an apocalyptic, suburbian junkyard where the Oscar-nominated Brazilian artist Vik Muniz worked on his internationally acclaimed documentary: Waste Land. The ZONE project was inspired by Rio’s epic drag scene, local artists, and the works of David Lachapelle, Osborne Macharia and Jan Saudek.

Witness The ZONE project by kolor art collective Rio de Janeiro (selected works).

kolor rio_darkroom_witnessthis-16

ZONE project by kolor rio_darkroom_witnessthis-17

ZONE project by kolor rio_darkroom_witnessthis-18

ZONE project by kolor rio_darkroom_witnessthis-13

ZONE project by kolor rio_darkroom_witnessthis-14

The models, performers, actors, drags featured on the photos belong to Rio’s militant anarcho-humanist microcosm and have heavily influenced the conception of characters and scenes. The other ingredients being the photographer’s heavy use of theatrical aesthetics and glamour-trash contrast.

The kolor art collective was born in 2015 as a creative base organising nonconform art events and photo shootings in Brasil. Paul Kurucz is the collective’s Franco-Hungarian founder and photographer, who launched kolor in 2011 in Budapest, Hungary, before relaunching it in Rio de Janeiro and transforming it to include photo projects.

In 2016 kolor is expanding the project and incorporating the next photo zones 4 and 5, each marked by a 3-digit code to be displayed monthly at Paul Kurucz’s website.

kolor rio_darkroom_witnessthis-15

kolor rio_darkroom_witnessthis-10

kolor rio_darkroom_witnessthis-11

kolor rio_darkroom_witnessthis-12

kolor rio_darkroom_witnessthis-6

kolor rio_darkroom_witnessthis-7

kolor rio_darkroom_witnessthis-8

kolor rio_darkroom_witnessthis-9

kolor rio_darkroom_witnessthis-3

kolor rio_darkroom_witnessthis-4

kolor rio_darkroom_witnessthis-5

kolor rio_darkroom_witnessthis-2

kolor rio_darkroom_witnessthis

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