Liz Bernatzek

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Photography by Liz Bernatzek

I don’t remember exactly how I found @liz_b on Instagram the other day but her profile was one of those few that immediately stick. Far more than just your average food & selfie collection, Liz’s Instagram is witty visual poetry of the better kind.

Liz’s photos totally convinced me in terms of light, mood, composition, and location scouting. They’re also an impressive reminder how simple great art can be. Many of Liz’s posts are collaborative shots by other photographers in which she is modeling. Others are sponsored, however, they always feel very unforced and organic. Liz is not compromising her style when working with brands which is exactly how influencer marketing should be done.

Liz is based in Berlin, and scrolling down her feed it struck me again how many marvellous, abandoned places are still waiting to be discovered, what an infinite amount of stories are still waiting to be told here in Germany’s capital. Other shots include Munich, Paris, and Iceland, to name a few.

Check my favorite impressions below, and follow @liz_b on Instagram if you dig.

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