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We all know planet DUNE. Here comes planet NUDE.

Carl Warner shows us what you can do with naked bodies. And he’s doing it without being pornographic or even explicit. I’m loving the creative approach in this. It’s fresh and unseen.

Carl Warner must spend quite some time composing these. How else would you be able to create an illusion like this? Unfortunately, we couldn’t catch Carl for an interview. But I bet my ass his art is very conceptual. It is too perfect to be the result of a try-and-error approach.

Enjoy my selected favorites below. Carl has also made landscapes out of other things than naked bodies. You can find them in his ‘otherscape’ portfolio.

Carl Warner selected works.



Desert-of-Sleeping-Men1 (1)


Carl Warner_Pectoral-Dunes

Carl Warner_Shin-Knee-Valley

Carl Warner_The-Cave-of-Abdo-men

Carl Warner_Valley-of-the-reclining-woman


Carl Warner

Carl Warner

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